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Christian has ten (10) years experience working in GMP regulated industries he has exceptional understanding of cGMP and efficient/productive GMP compliant operation. Christian has lead qualification efforts on automated visual inspection equipment including Bosch Automated Inspection Machines, Nikka Densok, Eisai Automated Inspection Machines, Mix / Hold Tanks, Clean In Place Systems, Transfer Stations, Terminal Sterilizers. Christian is the lead on manual visual inspection (Knapp studies).

In addition to his experience executing shadow detection studies on the Eisai Bosch AIM Christian is the technical lead on automated visual inspection engineering studies. Christian is the senior validation lead for validation qualification activities including Installation Qualifications / Operational Qualifications / Performance Qualifications from protocol development, execution, data analysis, and authoring the final reports for all qualification activities. Christian Founded Cyborg Future in 2018 where he continues to apply all his validation contracting experience to provide the high-quality standard for which he is known. Cyborg Future specializes in protocol development, qualification execution of equipment, facilities, process validation. Christian is known for his leadership, high morale, and integrity. Christian is known to meet project deadlines ahead of schedule and within project budget. Christian thrives for the constant pursuit to provide breakthroughs that changes patients’ lives. Christian has Developed Soft Skills and Mastered the Pfizer Documentation Operation Control System and Approval Process.

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